Nike – “Find your greatness”

In digital word, marketer always wants to through online media to increase their brand competitive. In last semester, i took a marketing subject – sport marketing. There is one topic very interesting and heavy related in digital world so i decided to share with you all.

The interesting topic is ” Ambush marketing ”

What is ambush marketing?

Ambush marketing is a form of marketing strategy. Activities undertaken by a non-sponsoring firm to deflect the people’s attention away from an actual sponsor and gain a commercial return. basically company usually sponsoring media coverage of the event, not the event itself to grab audiences attention.

The purpose of ambush marketing is to :

1) Take advantage of the benefits of sponsorship without actually paying for the rights. 2) Confuse consumers as to who the true sponsor is.
3) Create awareness

Reasons for engaging in ambush marketing include:

1) Sponsorship is too expensive;
2) Have been excluded in order to limit the number of sponsors
3) Competitor bought exclusive sponsorship rights
4) No partnership to manage
5) No approvals required
6) No sponsor hierarchy to respect

How ambush marketing conduct online?

Here is an example of how Nike conduct ambush marketing online


Nike has a great history of gatecrashing major sporting events with ambush marketing. In the London 2012 Olympic Games, Visa, Mcdonalds and Adidas paid $155 million for its official London 2012 sponsorship.However, Nike was not an official sponsor,but they were very smart launched an advertising campaign under the slogan “Find your greatness.” use “ambush marketing” to confuse audience they were the official sponsor.“Find your greatness”  featuring everyday athletes competing in places around the world named London (but without showing the real London or referring to the Olympic games),  a one-minute video result in Nike’s YouTube channel was bombarded with visitors. Ambush marketing  is very easy to make audience to associate Nike with the  London 2012 Olympic Games and misunderstand Nike is the official sponsor.
Did you ever confused Nike were the official sponsor in 2012 Olympic Games?


3 Essential things we have to think before get into digital marketing

In the past, marketers like to use email, telephone calls and events to receive customer immediate responses. But in recent decade year, the trend switch to focus more on social media. In fact, when it comes to social media, if there isn’t an instant and significant response then it’s considered a waste of time.

To avoid the unresponsive result, marketer should understand that how to make social media work effectively. Hence, before implement the campaign, there are 3 basic criteria of how to create an effective social media marketing:

1. How useful was your content?
Unless your content is really useful, it could get lost amidst the flood of blogs, emails, videos, articles, tweets, and commentary, and it won’t get read as well as much less shared. So how do you create useful content? It’s all about value. For example, if a consumer is looking for skiing tools, he does research online which brand’s skiing equipment is better. Assume you are the skiing company owner, you want to get consumer purchase your brand then you have to provide information of what consumer wants such as emphasis on the product features ( what is the product benefit ) and other relative skiing information for them, aim to satisfy consumer need.
2. Does your content encourage engagement?
A piece of content is most effective when it compels the reader to join in. It could be something that ‘challenges’ the status quo, like presenting an idea that’s entirely new or unique. Or it could be something that raises curiosity, like posing an industry-related question that can really stir their brains. Or it could be a comparison of 2 things, which could spark a debate among commenters. These are the types of content that people watch out for and have no problems with sharing to others.

3. Did you set realistic metrics?
Marketers often think that social media is so powerful that it has a life of its own and generate overflowing publicity (and revenue) for the business. However, social media is more about exposure and engagement, as well as understanding the target market. To truly appreciate the influence of social media, you may want to measure engagement and responses from people. It may not equate directly to leads (at least in the short run), but it can show you how your content and brand image are circulating in people’s awareness. After that is established, make a move on how to take advantage of that exposure, and that’s when the real stuff happens.

Does cultural identity matter in a digital world?

Does cultural identity matter in a digital world?

What is Cultural identity??
Cultural identity is the identity or feeling of belonging to, is a defining feature of a person’s identity, contributing to how they see themselves and the groups with which they identify. Culture also broadly defined as the sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings, which is transmitted from one generation to another. Hence, every community, cultural group or ethnic group has its own values, beliefs and ways of living.

In my opinion, cultural identity is an important matter in a digital world because digital world is a virtual internet world which able to links people around the world together and provide a virtual platform to communication and exchange cultural vale. On the other hand, the internal create an opportunity for internationalization business operate in way of virtual firm as well but consumer behaviour is basically depends on their region culture, the place where they lives in, impacts the culture that they wants to abide by. Therefore I think a successful business must have to understand different cultural in different country in order to reach their global target market, especially on internationalization business.

For example : when a Australia company want to expand their business into Asia market ,they are necessary to understand Asia cultural such as language and currency

When operating internationalisation business, cultural conversation is needed. Therefore language has an important social function in digital world. It is because language is the fundamental to cultural identity as well as the intrinsic to the expression of culture which fosters feelings of group identity and solidarity.

For example: In Australia English is the dominant language but there are many people speak a language other than English as their first language within their families and communities. Hence, business websites with a series of multiple linguistic capability seems as a competitive advantage in digital world.

In fact, nowadays many internationalisation companies adjust and reinforce their digital marketing activates to meet global consumer expectation and try to cater to all global consumer tastes.

For example: Coca-Cola want to promote their product in Hong Kong, when they publish their advertising on social media, they use Cantonese instead of English to deliver the communicating value and brand value.

Using location-based marketing to promote your business

Have you tried to “Check-in” on your Facebook? Every smartphone have GPS function but how can it be used to promote your business? We generally called this type of marketing strategy as “geo-targeted marketing”, or “place-based marketing” or “location-based marketing”

What is Location-based marketing??

Location-based marketing is highly geographically targeted which delivers messages to customers and potential customers when they are physically close to your business. And these marketing messages are delivered to customers’ mobile devices via location-based services – websites that specialise in providing this kind of information.

Location-based marketing relies heavily on:

Smartphones and tablets that allow users to access rich internet features wherever they are
GPS (global positioning system) technology that enables services to pinpoint the locations of mobile devices and businesses.

Some of the most popular location-based services are:

-Google Places
-Facebook Places

What are the benefits of location-based marketing for business?

1) Get to know your customers better
While many location-based offers are designed to attract new customers, location-based services are also a way to find out more about your existing customers.

User reviews will tell you exactly what your customers are thinking, while take-up rates for particular offers will provide insights into customer preferences. For example, if you get 200 check-ins at your bookstore for one author event, and only 20 for another, it’s a good indication of how the 2 authors are trending among your customer group!

2) Reward loyal customers

Check-ins give you a tangible way to identify your most loyal customers and reward them with discounts (every 10th coffee free), preferential treatment (the best seat or parking spot) or just recognition (a photo on the ‘wall of fame’).

3) Attract new customers
Location-based marketing is one of the best ways to convert foot traffic and online traffic into new customers. People who may never have heard of you, or may never have considered using your product, can be persuaded to try your business for the first time. Some businesses make a point of offering ‘newbie’ specials the first time a customer checks in. Once you attract a new customer, it’s up to you to turn them into a repeat customer by offering high-quality service and products.
4) Attract lots of customers
Developments in social media and mobile devices mean that it’s now far easier to attract a large group to your business. Foursquare, for example, awards a ‘swarm’ badge to every check-in if you get 50 or more people to attend a business at a pre-arranged time. Many people like to be part of a group, and like to visit places that seem popular with others. Attracting a crowd can add a real ‘buzz’ to your business.

5) Convert impulses to sales
Location-based marketing helps to remove barriers to sales. Once a customer is physically close to your store, you have a far better chance of persuading them to purchase from you. Let’s say it’s a rainy day and a passerby is vaguely thinking that he might need to buy an umbrella. Your location-based message hits his smartphone, offering umbrellas at a discounted price in your nearby store. His impulse – to buy an umbrella – is converted into a sale for your business.

6) Even out ‘bumps’ in trade
Many businesses are stretched to capacity at certain times of day, but have lulls at other times. Location-based marketing can help to even out these ‘bumps’ in trade by attracting more customers during what are traditionally quiet periods.

For example, if your café is typically quiet after lunch, and you get a steady stream of university students passing by at that time of day, you could develop a 2-5pm discount offer that targets the student market. Every student who checks in could be offered 10% off their coffee, with the person who gets the most check-ins for the week getting a free coffee and cake on Friday afternoon.

7) Become a ‘local legend’
A small business is unlikely to dominate any particular market in a city. However, strategic use of location-based marketing can make you a viral hit in your suburb or street – and this may be all it takes to double your turnover. By focusing your marketing efforts close to home, you can get the kind of market saturation that’s impossible on a broader scale.

8) Improve your search engine rankings
Many location-based services rank very well in search-engine findings on the internet (i.e. they appear high up the page of search results).

If you fill in your business pages on a number of location-based services (e.g. Google Places, Foursquare, Yelp and Facebook Places), you are more likely to appear high up in search engine rankings when somebody types in a relevant search term (e.g. ‘guided walks, Cairns’).

9) Measure your results
Location-based services can provide you with information about how many people check in for a certain area or business, who’s checked in most often and how many people have used an offer. This kind of information can be very useful in assessing the success of your location-based marketing program.

Irish man use Twitter to find his first sight of woman, Sweet ending is surprisingly moving

How powerful of your daily use social media ?it can beyond your expectation. I had few experiences of suddenly find back my primary school classmate via Facebook.

It’s not only happened on me but also a 24-year-old Irish guy,Jamie Kelly and 27-year-old Canadian girl ,Katie Moreau.

❤ Social media bring them together, create a unforgettable love story for them. ❤

❤ ❤ Their LOVE story start at a flight. ❤ ❤

Jamie is sitting next to Katieon on Ryanair flights (Ryanair) from Barcelona to Dublin. Jamie fall in love with Katie at first sight, but unfortunately God get people. When they two walked out of the customs , due to different enterclose they lost in the crowd .

Man Uses Twitter Hashtags To Find Mystery Woman He Fell In Love With On A Plane 2
Facing the situation forgot to exchange contact details, do not know each other’s full name and address. If such a tangled plot happen in you, you will choose to give up or continue to find it??

Jamie chose the latter. He then go home, tried to find her account in Facebook, also tried to contact the airline inquiry. Eventually he created Hashtags #findKatie and #loveatfirstflight on Twitter, want to seek help through social media.

愛爾蘭男子發起Twitter尋人啟示,尋找曾經在飛機上與他一見鐘情的女子,結局是出奇地甜蜜感動 1

Jamie living in Ireland Galway city, only know  Katie is from Nova Scotia, even don’t know her full name

Luckily !! His action won the Irish media Ray D’arcy Show concern, and therefore he also got chance on the radio seek help to the public .

Irish radio presenter Ray D’arcy Show Niamh help forward #findkatie search notices

Man Uses Twitter Hashtags To Find Mystery Woman He Fell In Love With On A Plane 4

Sounds like a needle in a haystack, right? But God did not live up to his sincere heart  ❤ as one of Katie relatives saw the Hashtags, suspect the love story mysterious heroine is Katie, leading two people successfully reunited smoothly within a week..

Later, in CBC News interview, Katie said that in fact she tired find Jamie as well, but due to there is no slightest clue,she afraid of appearing too stupid so she finally give up.

Social media link people around the world together, its power is already beyond only as a tool to communication.

Starbucks – My Starbucks ideas &


I guess no one don’t know what is Starbucks right?

I personally don’t drink coffee, because every time i drink coffee i will stomachache. (I cannot drink milk) so when i go to Starbucks i always order “fruit” series to stay away from my pain.  I know that i can order soya milk instead of milk but i hate soya milk!!! i always hope that one day i can customize my unique drink.

Until i found  My Starbucks Ideas  &  Frappuccino .com, a social platform established by  Starbucks which allow me to share what i thought and to address my need.

Starbucks same as other company, use common social media tool such as Facebook, Twitter, youtube, Instagram to communicate with their customer. Unlike usual, Starbucks also have their own social platform

My Starbucks Ideas & Frappuccino .com

What is My Starbucks Ideas ??

My Starbucks Ideas is an online community site , a platform that for Starbucks and customer to exchange their idea which collected  more than 150,000 ideas from customers, result in implementation of around 200 new innovations for Starbucks. This site allows people to share, vote, discuss and put into action of ideas on how to enhance the Starbucks experience. at the same time,  it  innovates new idea of company and what customers want. Customers able to talk about their store and brand, make them would feel they are involved in the policy, product and environment design of the store. This addresses social need of customers to belong in the Starbucks community. Changes made by customer idea also promote customers to feel Starbucks is designed for them as well as address their acquired need.

By publishing My starbucks ideas, Starbucks able to use the word of mouth strategy encourage customer to share their thoughts with them. It helps to increase customer involvement, motivation and address their acquired needs as well.

On the other hand, there is anther social platform created by Starbucks which is named

What is ?? gives many Frappuccino lovers a lot of joy. First, customers are able to create their own drink and name them via this site. The drink might become an actual sales product in the store as well ( make your dream come true ). Second, customers can upload and share their picture of sipping the Starbucks in the website , it has a series of button which link into facebook twitter and instagram. customer can share their happy moment with “Starbucks’ drink” to everyone in the would. 

Even more, customers can customize the current selling product to become their unique drinks. increase the customer involvement as well as lead the positive motivation of customers to design and drink their customized Frappuccino which result in  driving their sales and engagement at the same time.

Moreover, it encourages the word of mouth effect, that people may start spreading words about this website and their pictures. and this website will deliver emotional motives to customers based on the fact that drink is designed by them.
In my point of view, Starbucks is a company that good at use social media to maintain their customer relationship, enhance competitive advantage!! Also Starbucks seems like care about their customer more than selling .

Do you agree with me??!

By the way any Starbucks fans here? 😛

IKEA copy apple style, announced the launch of “bookbook” – superior feature “catalog”

Can you imagine anything has only 8 mm thin, and weighing in at less than 400 g ?One thing come across my mind… Yes. iPhone did it… right?!

When everyone in the world looking forward to the launch of the iPhone 6 on Sep 9, Singapore IKEA has released a video that cleverly borrows elements from Apple’s distinctive ads about its high-tech gadgets, created an iPad parody ad that flaunts the features of a groundbreaking device: the bookbook for the launch of its 2015 catalog.

IKEA catalog is more than a book now, it is not just ink on paper with words anymore. A hilarious two-minute video demos the technological innovations of Ikea’s new 2015 paper catalog.

What is the selling point of this groundbreaking “device” ?

“At only 8 mm thin, and weighing in at less than 400 g, the 2015 IKEA Catalogue comes pre-installed with thousands of home furnishing ideas,” according to Ikea’s official YouTube page in Singapore. ikeaAlso, packaging does not charge port, permanent endurance, open that get double flip body size and zero latency.“The navigation is based on tactile touch technology that you can actually feel,”says by Jörgen Eghammer.

Moreover, you can share with anyone hand by hand as well as also through “This is mine!” Voice commands to prevent theft It’s not a digital book or an e-book. It’s a book book.” , a book that powerful than any device .

In fact, there are some reason that make you feel IKEA 2015 catalog look so ridiculously appealing. The mainly reason is because IKEA try to use 3D rendering technology to create digital models of its catalog, make consumer have feel is using technology product.

And the other reason is this clever new ad is funny imitation of Apple’s advertising, skewers Apple’s notoriously over-the-top product commercials. Hence, IKEA places its catalog is much like the noPhone, a bookbook doesn’t need to be recharged and is totally cordless. All content is preinstalled and never needs to be updated, plus the viewing surface is super high definition and can expand to double size. Additional “This is mine!” Voice commands make IKEA catalog become a sort of holistic sensory experience.

The ad result is hilarious and the jokes really just write themselves.
I have seen plenty of good Apple commercial parodies before, but IKEA definitely gets major points for this promo. It makes me really really want to flip through an IKEA catalog right now.



3D Shadow QR Code – Emart Sunny Sale: We trapped in time

Jump out of the time limit VS Trapped in time

Yesterday i saw a Korean company campaign on YouTube , it very surprised me and remind me this week seminar mentioned about the three-dimensional QR codes as well. It is a old company which launched in 2012 but anyway i think it is worth to share.

The shadow effect QR code trapped in time

Normally marketer often want their campaign can jump out of the time but here is a very smart campaign quite on the contrary which want to trapped in time. This surprising campaign is from Emart, one of the largest discount store in Korea, with 141 chain stores throughout the country. The company realized that that sales dramatically dropped every day at lunchtime.

How could Emart increase sales between 12pm and 1pm every day?

To generate more sales during lunch hour ,E-mart showed the world its innovative prowess with its Sunny Sale campaign – “The Sunny Sale”, decided to give people a unique shopping experience that was only available at lunchtime. “The Sunny Sale” involved a large three-dimensional QR codes that acts like a sun dial, used sunlight and shadow effect , limited people could only be scanned between 12pm and 1pm because the sunlight will casting a shadow to complete the QR code.Anybody who scanned the Shadow QR Code could enjoy special offers to purchase items via the Emart mobile app or redeemed in store

“The Sunny Sale” was such a hit in Korea and was expanded the number of locations from 13 locations to 36 for this promotion. It created 25% sales grew during lunch hours during the promotion period. Furthermore, more than 12,000 coupons were issued during the campaign.The Shadow QR code promotion also received major media coverage over several months. The campaign had led the company to a 58 percent increase in customer membership along with a 25 percent customer boost during the lunch hour as well , is another great promotional tactic that is a story of success.


I know that Sunny Sale Campaign won multiple awards such as the London International Awards and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. This is a very smart and the most intelligent idea to do with QR code technology to drive sales. But one of the main weakness come in my mind, it is limited by the weather!! As the Sun is at its highest peak near 12pm to 1pm, the shadow cast by the model produces a working QR Code that can be scanned by smartphones. How can it works without “noon’ Sun” ?? What if today weather is cloudy or raining?!  

No sunlight No shadow No QR code No discount ?????? 

ALS charity fund-raising # IceBucketChallenge


To improve the public’s awareness about muscular dystrophy (ALS) , a number of celebrities, tycoons, politicians have been named to play Chain games – ” Ice Bucket Challenge”.From ordinary people to the richest man, even President Obama has received challenge . The fad is so cool!! “Ice Bucket Challenge” adopt the popular network “chain letters” method, but the difference is that “chain letter” is often silly rumor or intimidation which drive people to keep forward. However, “Ice Bucket Challenge” is a kindness and meaningful game for everyone to join, not a joke.

The game is extremely easy to play and awesome 😀 First you must drench yourself with a bucket of ice water and film it publish on social media such as YouTube to prove yourself dare to accept the challenge. Then you can appoint the next challenger to make sure the chain keeps rolling. Named person need to pour a bucket of ice water over their heads within 24 hours, otherwise they need to donate $US100 to ALS charity.

Facebook founder Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) chose to accept the challenge but U.S. President barack Obama chose to donate money. Recently Microsoft founder Bill Gates has also been named to play together. He is pleased to accept the challenge of social network Facebook founder zuckerberg. After he saw Zuckerberg video, he said “I am pleased to contribute to ALS, which is a great thing, I want to accept the challenge, but would like to do better than before.” Hence, he personally design apparatus , to install bucket full of ice water on the metal frame, standing ready to haul down the bucket. Before he sacrificed himself, he laid down the challenge to Musk, founder of PayPal to the United States (Elon Musk), American reality show “overnight” presided over Ryan Seacrest, and the TED Conference planners Anderson (Chris Anderson).


According to the Time reports , in the name of ALS research, the challenge has racked up $US2.3 million since it began at the end of July.That means this viral trend is raising money at nearly 50 times the ALS Association’s usual pace, according to the Washington Post.

In my opinion, ALS is very clever to use celebrity effect to draw people attention but I am not sure whether it was their original intention… Anyway, it works very well, see Bill Gates as an example, since Bill Gates uploaded his ice water shower clip on YouTube , in just 9 hours, he got more than 610000 hits. The power of audience’s “share” and “like” helps ALS charity fund-raising activity’s popularity spread quickly. Ice Bucket challenge is the most impressive charity activity that i’ve seen. Of course, i cannot denied that the celebrity participation is the main point but use chain letter method maintain the game keep “rolling”, encourage challegener to participate in “ALS ice bucket challenge” is an innovative idea as it makes people looking forward to see who is the next challenger and curious about whether they will answer the call. Moreover, even if a challenger completes the challenge, they’re more than welcome to donate money too.

Unfortunately , there was an woman sudden cardiac death due to play “Ice Bucket Challenge” Hence, If you accept the challenger, make sure you had done enough mental preparation and even ready blankets or hot drinks beforehand.

Good luck with your #IceBucketChallenge

Who does not like “FREE”

Every season Every year “they” launch new product.
Who are they?? COSMETICS brand.

Spring they ads new lip-gloss
Summer they ads new perfume
Autumn they ads new nail polish
Winter they ads new eye shadow

ie: M.A.C 2013 Summer collection ” ALL ABOUT ORANGE”

Have you ever count how many cosmetics you had?

How many times you pay money for bomb (low quality product) ??

Wanna save your money and avoid getting “bomb”?
Nowadays many cosmetic manufacturers are looking for consumer opinions about their products and are willing to provide free product samples in exchange for their opinion. Products samples  include: shampoo, lipstick, creams, skin care products, lip gloss, nail polish and many more……….

That’s mean consumer can simply apply  the product samples for free and give product review on their blog, share publicly. that’s all they have to do. Great offer right? but sadly the number of samples is limited..

Do you know why cosmetic manufacturers would like do so?
1) They understand that consumer trust real user comments.
2) Sometimes real user comments are more effective than put a lot of money on ads
3) Free sample is a low-cost promotion campaign and always happen with new product launched

And why they work??
Cosmetic manufacturers successfully captures the buyer’s mentality
Who does not like ” FREE “

consumer Benefits :

  1. CONVENIENCE: Get Free Product Samples Delivered to Your Door!
  2. REWARD: Receive Gifts and Cash in Exchange For Your Opinion
  3. BE THE FIRST: Be the First to Try New Products

if you can stay at home get something high quality for free, will you immediately share with your friend???

If  i , i would : ) and you ??